Additional Information

$800 All cost included.This a quarter (1/4) of a Cow. Approx. 125 pounds, and the parts come from all subprimals (both front and back halves).

Filet Mignon- approx. 2 pounds

Sirloin Steaks- 4-8 pounds

Rib Eye – 4 steaks

New York Steaks – 6 steaks

Short Ribs – 4-8 pounds

Roasts (will include some but not all) Brisket, Rump Roast, London Broil, Chuck Roast, Shoulder Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast -approx 8-12 pounds in roasts total

1 Flank Steak

1 Skirt Steak

Ground Beef -30 pounds

Hamburger Patties – 20 ( ½ lb)  patties

Stew Meat – 10 pounds

All costs are included: USDA butchering at our family owned state of the art plant, packing, and delivery to your address. Beef will be delivered by our South 40 Beef drivers.

Beef is grass-fed.

Quarter Grass-Fed/Corn Finished Beef

$800 all costs covered including Free Local Delivery

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