Dedicated to Quality Live Animal Processing

Whether you raise Beef, Hogs, Buffalo or Sheep, South40Beef provides full-service USDA butchery services where we process, package, and prepare your product for market.

South 40 Beef is committed to delivering at every step for our customers.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Customer focused detailed order walkthrough and scheduling
  • Humane harvesting services for ND, SD and surrounding regions
  • USDA inspection and certification
  • Premium value-add and specialty product offerings
  • Custom packaging and labeling

Simplify Your Livestock Processing with South 40 Beef

With comprehensive services for orders of all sizes, we’re committed to bringing value to our customers and their products.


Contact our team to coordinate processing options for your livestock. With convenient location in Mott, ND we’re able to reduce time in transit to minimize potential stress to the animals and timely turnaround.

Cut to Order

As a full-service butchery and processing solution, you can customize your order to cut. From popular primal cuts to value-add items, we specialize in consistent quality for every product.

Preferred Packaging

All orders are vacuum-sealed in BPA-free packaging to provide fresh, ready-to-sell items for your operation. With customizable packaging and labels, your customers will know quality when they see it.

Whether single animal or a volume order, the care taken with your livestock is paramount at every stage of our operation.

Humane Handling & Butchering

Our expert meat processors focus on humane practices while ensuring the maximum yield of high-quality meat products.

Processing & Certification

We dress, butcher, and process livestock into primals, chops, and/or value-add market-ready products that are USDA-certified and ready for distribution.


Meat is vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and extend shelf life. We partner with you to produce packaging and labeling for your brand, extending additional savings to you with finished products ready to sell.


Slaughter/Disposal Fee: $150.00

This includes brand inspection, skinning, evisceration, splitting, waste removal and a minimum of 14 day aging

Processing Fee: $.95/LB on hot carcass weight

this includes everything needed to cut, grind, tenderize, portion, package, and freeze your meat.

Custom Labeling is $25 per head

Hamburger Patties are an additional $.50/LB


Slaughter Fee: $75

This includes skinning, evisceration, splitting and waste removal

Processing Fee: $.95/LB on hot carcass weight

This includes everything needed to cut, grind, tenderize, portion, package, and freeze your meat.

Bulk fresh sausage: $1.50/LB
Fresh Brats: $3/LB
Ham: $2/LB
Sliced Fresh Side: $3/LB
Bacon: $4.00/LB
Smoked Brats: $4.00/LB
Smoked Country Style Sausage: $4.00/LB
Add Cheese: $1.00LB

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Processing Services