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Fall Special

$899 - 135lbs of Beef(approx.)

12 Tbones (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
14 rib eye steaks (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
10 top sirloin steaks (10-12oz each) 2 per pkg
4 chuck roasts (2.8-3lbs each)
3 arm roast (2.8-3lbs each)
3 rump roast (2.8-3lbs each)
75 lbs of 85% lean hamburger in 1# packages

Chuck Eye Steak Special

Chuck Eye Steak $4.99 lb

While supplies last. The Chuck Eye is cut from the same muscle as the better-known Ribeye, and contains the same delicious texture, flavor, and marbling. The intense beefy flavor is evidence of the pasture-raised lifestyle of the animal, and dry aging. Prices listed are per lb Estimated Weight All our beef is dry aged for 14 days

93% Ground Beef Special

93 percent lean ground beef

93% Ground Beef - $5.09 lb

Lean Ground Beef with only 7% fat is a blend, cut strictly from lean sirloin steak. The distinct, succulent flavor of sirloin is the ideal way to to elevate classic dishes like chili and meat sauces. Ground Beef Sirloin 93% Lean 7% Fat. Limited amount available. 5.09 lb

85% Ground Beef Special

Ground beef

85% Ground Beef - $4.49 lb

Our 85% lean beef has a clean, mild flavor that’ll bring you coming back for more!. Limited amount available. 4.49 per lb

15lb Pasture Raised Pork Bundle

Whole Pig

15lb Pasture Raised Pork Bundle $99

o 4 pork chops (2 pkgs) 10oz each
o 4 pork(Ham) steaks 2lbs
o 1 lb. of bacon
o 4 lbs of Fry Sausage
o 4 lbs of breakfast pork links
o 1 Spare Rib

Chuck Roast Sale

Chuck Roast - $5.99 lb

$5.99 per lb.
Price listed is per lb
Choose 2, 3 or 4 lbs.
All our beef is dry aged for 14 days

Thors Hammer - Beef Shin

Thors Hammer - Beef Shin

Thors Hammer - Beef Shin
$24.99 Each

All our beef is dry aged for 14 days

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