Beef will be processed and shipped early Spring of 2021.


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South Forty Beef is committed to providing your family with ethically harvested, high quality, angus beef. We like to know where our food comes from and we think others do, too.

Featured Products

Filet Mignon 2

Filet Mignon

Buttery, juicy and mild, the filet mignon is almost synonymous with luxury. Just season these steaks well before searing them in a very hot pan.

Ground beef 90 percent lean

90% Lean Ground Beef

Our 90% lean beef is mild in flavor and lean, making it the perfect hero for weeknight meals. Simply cook and serve with veggies and grains for a tasty bowl, toss with sauce for a quick pasta, or stuff in taco shells (we like soft ones!) for family taco night.

Fresh Boneless Rib Eye Steam

Boneless Ribeye

Super-velvety texture and intense flavor. This boneless steak is so flavorful and juicy all it needs is a little salt and pepper and a quick broil. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth cut that real steak lovers relish.

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